Tipping in Taiwan

Tipping in Taiwan If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, you’re probably trying to find a flight, picking a hotel or Airbnb, checking rental car prices, looking at whether to use taxis or Uber, and discovering all that Taiwan has to offer. One important thing you might not have put much thought into is figuring […]

Tipping In Guam

Tipping in Guam If you’re traveling to Guam, you’ll be planning flights, picking a hotel or vacation rental, reserving a rental car, and perhaps looking at tours and watersports. It is a beach destination after all! There are some really interesting scuba diving spots on Guam so if you like scuba diving or want to […]

Tipping in Poland

Tipping In Poland If you’re traveling to Poland, you’ll be planning flights, try to find the best hotel or other accommodation for your budget, picking a rental car, and perhaps looking at tours. You’ll also want to know what the most popular things to do in Poland are and figure out the local customs. One […]

Tipping Tour Guides Sri Lanka

Tipping Tour Guides: Sri Lanka Edition Are you heading off on a vacation to Sri Lanka? It’s a beautiful country to visit, to explore, to take in the sights, and to sample the local Sri Lankan food. If you will be using a tour guide or a tour driver, this tipping guide is for you. […]

Tipping in South Africa

Tipping In South Africa Are you traveling to South Africa? It’s consistently voted one of the top destinations to visit and it’s one of our personal favorites. This tipping guide will give you all the information you need to tip with confidence in South Africa. Many South Africans make a living in the service sector […]

Tipping In France: Do you tip in France?

Tipping in France: Do you tip in France? France is the top destination for international tourism with 89.4 million visitors last year, many of who are visiting Paris as part of their trip. Unfortunately, many visitors don’t understand who to tip in France and if they should, how much to tip. This article will help you […]

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